The MarCom way!

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First and foremost I would like to greet all my readers. I am thankful to each one of you for sparing your precious time for going through my first blog.

 Through this medium we will share our experiences our innovations and obviously our pitfalls too. I and my team will try our level best to bring out live case studies that will surely help to have a better know how of Marketplace. 

 These days the recent jargon for marketing department is MarCom / MarComm. Integrated approach is a common phrase amongst marketing and branding professionals. Every plan every activity should have 360 degree approach. Even during board room meetings the emphasis is to catch hold of prospect at every possible place at every possible time.

 Being a MarCom consultant myself I realized the displease of the ‘prospect’.

 Morning when he gets up a gliding newspaper insert comes out of his tabloid.

He might even see a banner or a promoter or a free sampling exercise at Joggers Park.

While driving he is forced to see at hoardings lined up on his way. At parking lot somebody is awaiting to tag his car handle.

 He just entered his cabin and SMS tone catches his attention. Probably a discount or a promotional event alert!

 Going through all this evenings he will again go through more hoardings. Reaching home when he opens up his email he is engaged in deleting those promotional mails.

Now with an intension of knowing current affairs he puts on the news channel and off course he is now watching those commercials too.

 Time to go to bed but nightmares of morning “MarCom” routine are getting ready again to reach to ‘prospect’ again.

 And this all credit goes to our 24 hours round the clock working marketing team.

 I am surprised and a bit confused too. As I was taught in my MBA lectures that                                       

 “Average mind is already a dripping sponge that can only soak up more information at the expense of what’s already there. Yet we continue to pour more into the supersaturated sponge and disappointed when our messages fail to go through.”   

 (The above lines are inspired by two great marketers Al Ries and Jack Trout, the experts in communication.)

 So I am scratching my head and request my fellow readers also to think that how do I successfully reach my customer and make an impact too. And obviously how do I treat my prospect as a prospect rather than a Target.

 At Azure we have been helping our clients to reach to our prospect as a perspective client rather than as a target. working with brands like Tanishq, Piramals and Lifestyle we have successfully implemented our marketing modules.

There is no thumb rule for marketing neither there are any specific modules to win customers. But there is surely a need to understand human mind to communicate a message. 
Rather than bombarding leaflets, SMSes, Emails it is important to reach at the right place and at the right time AND obviously at the convenience of audience. 

MarCom way guides us various tools to reach to the consumer mind. It never means to reach there any how. 

In the next coming blogs I am going to share few case studies where our panel of consultants have successfully implanted the “The MarCom way” with the support of marketers of various corporate brands.

I will be delighted to see feedback via emails or by any other “MarCom way” 🙂