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Presentation Delivery without the Sweaty-Palms

“Twenty-five marketing professionals walk into a room . . .” It sounds like the start of a corny joke, but it’s where I found myself recently while attending an invaluable AMA-sponsored seminar (American Marketing Association) focused on balancing strategy with creative management.

Topics discussed ranged from managing the demands placed on key marketing decision-makers these days to navigating the shifting sands of influencer audiences, as well as increasing hybridization of media options. As an aside, all attendees were in agreement that mobile marketing is a conduit that cannot be ignored—and is now starting to truly show its potential . . .but I digress.


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The Death of PowerPoint?

“The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” – Mark TwainDay of the Dead skulls

This whimsical comment issued by Mark Twain in May 1897, was his response to a premature report of his own demise, a decade prior to actual death.

A similar sentiment of imminent death has been espoused by pundits pondering mainstay sales tools, like good old Microsoft PowerPoint™. In the same spirit of Twain’s reply, the bigger technology picture seems to say, “Not so fast.”


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Solve Your Marketing Challenges – Challenge 1

Challenge #1:  You Need Expertise

Editor’s Note – This is the first in what will be a regular series addressing marketing challenges.  We stole our list from a great article by Michael Shanker of Extraprise that appeared Feb. 20 on  The article, titled “10 reasons to Outsource More of your Marketing,” focused more on the digital/techie side of the marketing managers’ job.  For our series, the Azure team will look at the challenges in a more general way.

A national pharmaceutical company is currently running ads that ask, “Would you let a doctor do your job. Then why are you doing his?”  The message is, when you need help, go to the experts.  That holds true for your marketing and communications. Read more >>

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What Others are Saying

Azure has become my 'right hand' agency when it comes to our marketing communications projects. They take the time to understand my business challenges and propose creative solutions. They are an extension of my own staff and I think of them as part of our corporate family.
Senior Marketing Manager (Tektronix Communications)